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Business & Finance

Every business venture, every established business, every company in crisis need a redefinition of goals either a mission and vision assessment, a reassessment of the profitability, an approach of its work philosophy or a change in customer orientation at some point in their lives. This point used to be a key time, particularly if the entrepreneur can not identified it.

These needs require a professional consulting service ("bird's eye view") that identify the key points on which we should work with the management to overcome deviations, remove gaps and strengthen the necessary changes to ensure the company's position in the market and to its customers.

AME Consultores offers a comprehensive service for diagnosis and analysis of the situation in which the company is, advice to face new challenges and implementation of business solutions in order to improve its management, maximize their resources, investment and position and ensure their benefits and customers relationship successfully.

Specific services for business and financial consulting:
  • CHEQUE INNOVACION: Service funded 100% by the Junta de Andalucia in the Second Plan for Modernization of Andalusia: The objective is to incorporate innovative elements in the self-employed persons and SMEs that allow their business to make better and more competitive through the improvements in business processes and the marketing of products and services. AME Consultores has a team of experts consultants who have been selected from over 2000 professionals from Andalusia to make a diagnosis and a plan for improvement in those areas where it is necessary to make any changes. More information.
  • Feasibility Plans for New Projects: They are really important when we have to design the best strategy to develop and commercialize a new product or service, search for new markets, etc.
  • Studies relating to Foreign Trade: For those SMEs and Self-employed persons who want to attract new foreign markets, we will make feasibility studies for new products and search potential partners for them.
  • Financial analysis and preparation of documents to search for funding, venture capital, etc.
  • Data Processing: Database Design. Data processing and statistical analysis. Census and surveys.
  • Marketing Information Systems and Surveys: Public, sociocultural and lifestyle opinion polls. Surveys on services and image. Studies in market positioning. Marketing plan design.
  • Developing "Health and safety at work" Plans: New regulations on prevention of occupational hazards require that every company has its own "Health and safety at work" Plan, which begins with a study and implementation that only can be done for licensed professionals by the Autonomous Community of Andalucia, like AME Consultores.
  • Statistical Reports and Market Research: we make statistical reports, including survey design. We also make market research with the approval of College of Sociology.
  • Mystery Shopper Service: Excellence in customer service has become an essential need for companies to remain competitive. The increasing complexity and requirements from the consumers demands a measurement and constant improvement of quality of service. By using the mystery shopper service, we can make a direct observation of developing quality standards reports covering all evaluable parameters such as image, service, sales process, customer service, attitude and competence of staff, professionalism , etc. to implement corrective measures.
  • Studies and Outsourcing services: All services that are not the main purpose of its business, reducing time and increasing fixed costs issues will be studied by our consultants who will shape and outsource it, developing a creative work that generates added value to your company, improving its image and increase customers.



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