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Employment Promotion at regional and local level

Our services to promote employment at regional and local level as reinforcement of the institutional work of public administrations are:

  • Analysis and studies about several territorial, sectorial and occupational employment levels and what extent it is spending human resources and available technologies in the production process of the economy.
  • Evaluation of the Employment plans that will be applied in a particular region or municipality.
  • Analysis and identification of potential sources of employment to implement it in a specific region or municipality.
  • Field studies on how to improve knowledge about labour martket(supply and demand) in a region or municipality in order to identify potential employment policies (active and passive policies)to be applied to generate employment.
  • Studies focused on analyzing the consequences of actions on employment and social welfare that can be carried out in a region or municipality.
  • Analysis of what is the impact on employment levels about reducing the working day within a province or sector.
  • Specific studies on the unemployed people(especially long-term), youth, immigrants, people who are older than 40 years and women in order to know about their family, personal and socio-economic characteristics. Besides, specific studies on gender and equal opportunities between men and women in the labour market.
  • Input-Ouput Analysis on unemployment and how long is the duration of unemployment for people and groups that can get most likely unemployed.
  • Analysis of the level of Labour insertion that is obtained through national training programs, Schools Workshops, Job and Employment Workshops. Assessment of the quality of training and Trainers who provide training courses. Analysis of the constraint level on demand of the student-worker who finished or participated in training programs or projects.
  • Analysis of problems associated with the disabled people in Labour Market, social integration, training and improvement of their quality of life.
  • Study on the possibilities and measures for promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship development within a municipality.
  • Making projections about the evolution of local and municipal employment and the effects of certain measures of employment in that evolution.
  • Analysis and study on the use and development of contractual arrangements such as part-time work, early retirement, substitution contract, etc. in certain areas of private and public enterprises for local or municipal level.
  • Development of training plans for businesses focused on improving the human capital of their workers.
  • Analysis on probable wage discrimination between men and women in a specific sector or occupation area.
  • Studies on education and employment, and survey design on vocational training in segmented labour markets.
  • Creation of employment observatories (including gender observatories) to enable the tutor to improve the quality of advising through the knowledge of the prospects for job creation and if it would be a dynamic activity, which are the factors that promote its growth, the level of skills of the workforce, the most efficient way for recruitment of staff, types of contracts, working time arrangements, wages, reconciliation of work and family life, career profiles of a concrete activity, types of businesses, training knowledge, etc.

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