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City & Development

Our services to promote social and economic development in the city as reinforcement of the institutional work of public administrations are the following:

  • Implementation of Strategic Plans for the City. The strategic plan is the key of local development planning. Specifically, its objectives are among others: The construction of a reliable statistical basis which clearly identifies the structural problems of the economy and local society and will serve as a fundamental reference for strategic planning and subsequent design of the different actions to carry out, as well as resolution of the really important needs to provide the the citizens with a true image about the current situation and its prospective projects.
  • Regional and sectorial Diagnosis.(Economy, Citizenship and Employment, among others). Diagnosis of the City can be either global or sectorial diagnosis and it is the starting point for developing strategic intervention. It will be made in the same way as the discussion and organization element to implement the City's Strategic Plan.
  • Research in Support Instruments for Local Development.The launch of new services or tools also requires to analyze the real situation of the region where it will operate in, that means the assessment of the opportunity.
  • Marketing Plans for the City.More important than the aforementioned strategic planning is the establishment of a permanent contact link with the Citizenship, potential investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, etc. All that using easier and interactive communication channels to enable politics to know people at anytime. The motivations and concerns of all those interested persons in some form in the Municipality, as well as those previously identified population groups, which could be really interesting for economic and social development.
  • Citizen Perception Survey on the Present and Future of the City.That enables us to know among other things: The level of engagement of the citizens with their city, the role of the city in its immediate environment, the distinctive characteristics of its citizens, their perception about the quality of their life, their opinion about the recent development of the city and its vision and approach on the future development in the city, the acceptance of ICT in their daily lives and social participation and relationships with institutions and government and the rest of their neighborhood, etc..
  • Studies relating to the Implementation and Use of Telematics and Information Technology in the region. The promotion of New Technologies of Information and Communication is really essential to any revitalization, empowerment and local economic development strategy. These studies are aimed at promoting the use of new technologies and obtaining quantitative and qualitative information from their use, training needs and digital education, management of equipment and the incorporation of technological tools. All that to improve quality of life in all aspects (education, culture, health, welfare, social, mobility, etc.) by citizens, businesses, institutions and entities of all kinds.
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