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AME Consultores was invited to the presentation of Technopolis MED, European Programme powered by PTA


The Manager of AME Consultores, Rafael Pagán was invited to the presentation of the European Programme MED TECHNOPOLIS powered by PTA Malaga. This programme has over 2 million euros to build a network that contributes to the growth of regions which have low technological development in the Mediterranean basin. In the consortium which is managed by the PTA, there are other 10 partners from Portugal, France, Italy and Greece.

The deadline for completion of the project expires at the end of 2013, and its main objective is to extrapolate the PTA management model to those areas which have similar characteristics to those areas of Málaga when was founded the entity managing its Technopolis, it was 20 years ago. According to the Deputy Director of Technology Transfer and International Affairs of the entity, Sonia Palomo, in that regions wich are part of the project, it does not matter if they are beginning to develop, its main economic sector is tourism, including related sectors.

"The PTA model has shown how the creation of a technology park in an area of low economic and business development means in the medium term: increasing companies and entities capable of turning the region into a major economic engine," he said.
The initiative will create a Technology Interface Structure (EIT), a concept that defines this infrastructure consists of a set of agents of knowledge such as technology parks, centers of competitiveness and business parks, among others. EIT also strengthen those already existing. Moreover, the project will be a European Groupe of Territorial Cooperation, with which will promote cooperation between European companies and the participation of these companies in international markets.

As the Director of International Development of the City Hall of Malaga, Marc Anderson said: The Malaga PTA leadership in the MED Technopolis Programme, the campaign "Open for Business Málaga" (brochure) and all the current processes of transformation of the city as well as the launch in January by Clearwire of the first European metropolitan network 4G WiMax in Malaga, the opening on March 15 by King Juan Carlos of new international airport terminal in Malaga, in June the arrival of thousands of passengers on the AVE from Madrid or Barcelona to board a Mediterranean cruise out of the new port and the significant growth of the Technological Park of Andalusia, now hosting more than 530 companies and employs about 14,000 people are not only one step after another on the way to convert Malaga in the area of highest excellence technology in Europe, to be known for its investments and for its dedication to research and development.


Rafael Pagan, manager of AME Consultores with Marc Anderson, Director of International Development of the City Hall of Malaga.

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