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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to prepare our clients, mostly SMEs and self employed persons, to face in the most efficient way all the company’s external and internal environmental changes, and to be always focused on reducing costs and increasing profits, e.g. in the efficiency and the profitability of their businesses, no matter which is the sector of their business activity. We also pay great attention to the culture of innovation and the constant and continuous improvements in all our services.

Our professionals cover all the company strategic areas, always providing a long term relationship with our clients and monitoring all the measures and actions which are to be implemented in order to achive the previously proposed objectives.

We provide our clients with the know-how that they need in order to achieve their goal: business success and competitive management. Our consultants accompany them in all processes that are to be implemented in order to improve their businesses; and provide them competitive tools in all management areas.

We turn the organizations into more dynamized ones, which are able to improve their competitiveness and company image on the market. Our professionals monitor the processes of business and technology improvements in order to avoid sudden changes in the external environment that can negativelly affect them. We continuously make the entrepreneur and his team strengthens their self-confidence.

We are gaining our position and the confidence of our clients by providing the financing of projects to improve their technology and business processes (web development, training, equipment, etc.). After having found the funding of the projects, we keep collaborating and offering significant advantages by providing our services and products.
Besides that, we always make free of charge proposals to improve the efficiency and the profitability of the business, and give advises about other legal issues (such as the compliance with the Data Protection Act).

One of our goals is to make the SMEs, micro enterprises, self-employed persons and professionals, conscious about the importance and the need of computerization, technology implementation and attitude of a new culture of innovation. This will allow them to be more competitive with the business rivals and to offer more satisfaction to their customers, otherwise these organizations are to disappear in the short or medium term. Many company managers think that access to the information technology, the technological improvements and the innovation need big investments; AME Consultores will show you that there are many Free and low cost applications, e.g. “Free Software”, that can be implemented in all business process and company areas, no matter which sector that company is operating in.

Nowadays, the organizations should incorporate elements of innovation in their long-term strategies, should be open-minded to improvements and  very conscious about the company’s external and internal environment. This is the only way that these organizations could survive and consolidate themselves in the constantly changing business world.

In the public sector, the results and proposals for action that are derived from our research are they can be directly applied by the local and regional Administration. Thus, politics and other professionals possess the adecuate tools to plan, implement and evaluate with sufficient success their local policies for social, economic and technological development of the city, and in particular those directly related to Local Employment.

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