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Nacho, our PET and his Story


Nacho, our Pet, did not have a happy childhood unfortunately. When he was a puppy and barely fit in the palm of a hand, he was thrown by its unconscionable owner to a sand road in a town of Cadiz. Another monster called human picked him up and took him home to his two hunting dogs as a bait and a toy to learn how to strengthen their killer instincts (rather the instinct of their owner). When they felt tired to bite and bruise Nacho, they threw him back to the sand road, this time dying, wounded and deserted.

Fortunately, before Nacho become dehydrated and bleeding, someone found it (a family of our manager), who picked him up carefully and took it home, where he healed, fed and coddled and gave him the dignity that he had not known before .

Throughout his recovery period and his many visits to the vet, they found a splinter stuck in one of his ears deeply, They had tried to finish it off well!, Damn!.

One spring day, our family visited our manager and they introduced him the new family member. Nacho sat immediately in front of him and no longer gazed into his eyes, as only the animals do, with firmness and tenderness of the suffered, docile and faithful dogs.  Nacho was still able to believe in people after all.

His family told the terrible story of Nacho and the happy recovery. During the period of the story, looks, gestures, and the chemistry between them caused our manager out of that visit with a bag full of colored balls and bones of bears, a blanket, a feeder, a drinker and the moving Nacho tail happily at his side. They had chosen each other.

From that moment on, our manager fulfills their promise that they did without talking, when their eyes met, to make him happy, very happy, until the end of his days.

For some years, Nacho goes wiht his master to the office and spends the workday with our team, he also has chosen us. Nacho has his own space, attention and love. In exchange, Nacho has joined us in our meetings and internal training and he is becoming a true expert of consulting.


AME Consultores is doing well with the promise of our manager and as we feel a deep love for animals, we can not waste space on our website to invite you also to give them love and dignity to poor abused or abandoned animal.

Please collaborate with any institution or association for the protection and acceptance of Animals, and give yourself the best company you could have or  simply take a hand as a volunteer.

Some institutions or associations for animal protection in our locations (although you can choose any of the uncountable centers full of pets and puppies that, like Nacho, still keep believing in people):

In Málaga:



In Cádiz:



In Sevilla:



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